Jewish District

Visit the “Soho of Budapest”, an amazing colourful district, with centuries-old buildings, with new places opening every day, an ever-changing area with ancient traditions kept by orthodox communities, where by day there is a story awaiting to be told around every corner and by night there is a party behind every gate, with plenty of historic monuments and even more living, contemporary art. Have a local introduce you to all the famous and hidden things!

Meanwhile the Jewish District is the heart of the city of Pest, all kinds of people from all around Europe found home here and made it a unique mixture of local and international, progressive and traditional, western and oriental. In the 19th century the area was blooming, in the 20th it saw horrible things, being the ghetto during the Holocaust, but by the 21st century it managed to overcome the dark past (but not forgetting about it), and become the best part of Pest to visit!

During a 3-3,5 hour walk you get to know the history, the culture, the Jewish communitieswhich influenced the area the most, their lives and traditions, the cuisine, the music, get to visit the largest synagogue of Europe, and see other synagogues and buildings of religious significance.

We help you discover the sometimes hidden beauty of old buildings, in an area that’s protected by the UNESCO too. You’ll get insider tips and recommendations where to shop, where to eat, where to go out. Also you can get to know the people living in the area, how their lives were influenced by the historic events, how it is to live here nowadays.

Price depends on group size, entrance fee to the synagogues not included (your choice if you want to enter or not, tour can be done both ways), hotel pickup included.


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